Philipson Söderberg.


With a strong and well-diversified portfolio of brands.

Our mission is to assist our customers to a superior drinking experience and we aspire to be a source of both insight and inspiration. Everything we do at Philipson Söderberg is focused at accomplishing this mission.

We are a strategic, passionate distributor with a strong commercial focus, that offer our partners focus, continuity and in depth marketing know-how.

folk o folk is our digital consumer platform where we have collected all products from Philipson Söderberg and from our sister companies Bibendum och Altia Sweden.

Looking Back

Over 50 years ago, Nils-Bertil Philipson (1922 – 2016) - the founder of Munskänkarna (Sweden’s leading organisation for wine tasting and wine education) – started a wine-agency named after himself. The company soon became agent for several, well known French wine houses. Simultaneously, Sven Söderberg started a competitive company that, among other things, became Swedish representative of several big spirits brands.

In 1989, managements of the two companies decided to merge, and Philipson Söderberg AB (P&S) was formed. In July 2003 the majority shareholding of P&S was sold to the Nordic beverage company Scandinavian Beverage Group (SBG), and a year later Altia Corporation, Finland, acquired SBG.


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