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A modern and leading importer of alcoholic beverages in Sweden.

Our portfolio offers an impressive assortment of high quality wine and spirits. Our assortment is delivered with consistent and high quality in everything from marketing to sales. Our offer is always based on a high level of social responsibility. 

Bibendum has a long history with many of the producers the company is working with today: Distell and Faustino to mention a few. During the last years more producers have chosen to join the company: Gustave Lorentz, Pasqua, Laurent- Perrier and many more.

folk o folk is our digital consumer platform where we have collected all products from Philipson Söderberg and from our sister companies Philipson Söderberg och Altia Sweden.

Looking back

Bibendum has a long history dating back to 1956, when founder Bror-Eric Berntson begun his career in the wine and spirits industry. After ten years as a sales rep Bror-Eric acquired the wine and spirits agency Birger Hellberg, founded in 1899. In 1968 he changed the agency’s name to Bror-Eric Berntson AB. During the years to come both of his sons, Johan and Eric, became involved in the family business.

In 1990 the company changed its name to Vinhuset Berntson AB and just five years later the name Berntson was replaced by Bibendum. At the turn of the century the company removed the title Vinhuset and was from then on called Bibendum AB. Since 2004 Bibendum is operating under the ownership of Altia Corporation, the leading Wine and Spirit Company in the Nordic and Baltic region, with roots going back to 1888.

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